Showroom Plans & Pricings

Growing along with your Business

Pick the TribaSpace® Digital Showroom with the right size for your company. Create it in 60 seconds. Upgrade for more capacity as your business gets bigger. You can cancel at any time.

1 - All indicated prices refer to the monthly fees of a 12 months plan.

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TribaSpace® accepts Visa and Mastercard. Currently, we do not accept PayPal, P.O's or checks. You can upgrade or cancel anytime your plan at any time.

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Showroom Features

The Same Features For All Showroom Types

Whether big or small the different TribaSpace Digital Showrooms only differ in capacity, the number of visitors you can host and the amount of information you can upload. All showrooms have the same features as listed below. Take our Tour to learn how you can use them in the most successful way.

General User Features

  • Add your About
  • Choose Company Type
  • List Company Contacts
  • List of managed Showrooms
  • List of own MarketSpaces
My Stream:
  • Follow and unfollow showrooms
  • Receive all posts in "My Stream" as soon as published by showroom
My Organizer:
  • Add selected events to "My Organizer"
  • Synchronize My Organizer with ICal or Outlook
  • Print out itinerary

1. Create Your Showroom

  • Upload Campaign Image (Showcase)
  • Upload images to ONE central image pool
  • Define unlimited number of fabrics in fabric library
  • Allocate fabric numbers, description, colours, colour descriptions, colour codes
  • Add your About
  • Enter Terms & Conditions
  • Add Showroom Contacts
  • Link to website
Personal Business Profile
  • Enter personal business information such as company, job position, address, contact etc.
  • Upload personal image
  • Transmit information when requesting access to other showrooms

2. Present Products & Publish Private Content

Product Presentations:
  • Create unlimited number of product presentations with unlimited number of products
  • Make product presentations private or public
  • Endue each product presentation with a main image
  • Search product in showroom
Individual Product:
  • Create unlimited number of individual products
  • Assign main image with 4 additional views for each product from central image pool
  • Add name, product description and product number
  • Select sizes & currency
  • Assign fabrics from central fabric library to product and select relevant colours
  • Assign price to fabric
  • Tag product
Private Communication In Real Time:
  • Create private news only visible to showroom visitors
  • Add up to 5 images from image pool and unlimited text
  • Embed video
Provide Press Material:
  • Upload high resolution images for download (unlimited size)
  • Upload press releases for download (unlimited size)
  • Provide sample ordering for media productions
  • Allow sample ordering for each individual product
  • Receive sample orders in the system
  • Print out sample orders and export in .xls

3. Manage Showroom Visitors

Send Showroom Invitations:
  • Create HTML invitation including a one time link
  • Upload invitation image
  • Enter invitation text
  • Invitation preview
  • Receive copy of invitation
Manage Access Requests:
  • Receive notification of showroom access requests as email and via system
  • Receive and view contact details and messages of requester
  • Approve or decline access requests
Manage Visitors:
  • Manage visitors in an overview of visitors, access requests, invited clients and blocked visitors
  • Block visitors
  • Aggregated number of hits of entire showroom content
  • Number of orders
  • Number of accepted invitations
  • 5 most viewed poducts
  • Overview of individual users who viewed your content
  • Overview of downloaded content with date and time per showroom visitor
  • Overview of number of downloads per document

4. Product Ordering

Send Orders (for clients):
  • Order products according to fabrics and colours
  • Real time calculation and budget adjustment
  • Order including product, fabric and colour images
  • Send order
  • Receive order confirmation in system
  • Receive notification of order confirmation by email and through the system
Receive Orders (for showroom owner):
  • Receive orders in the system
  • Receive notification for new order by email and through system
  • Confirm order through system
Manage Orders (for showroom owner and clients):
  • Order inbox
  • Order outbox
  • Orders can be filtered by showroom
  • Orders can be sorted by order status

5. Publish On Public Section Of

  • Company is listed in Company Stream
  • Showroom is listed in Showroom Stream
Publish News To News Stream:
  • Create public news (unlimited)
  • Add up to 5 images from image pool and unlimited text
  • Embed video
  • Indicate city & country where news was published
  • News detail page is Google searchable and can be shared to social media
  • Publishing history on individual showroom stream
Manage Guestlists:
  • Create public event (unlimited)
  • Add up to 5 images from image pool and unlimited text
  • Embed video
  • Indicate event date & address
  • Select door policy
  • Send event HTML invitation
  • Upload invitation image
  • Add invitation text
  • Invitation preview
  • Receive copy of invitation
  • Receive email notification for each person on the guest list
  • Alphabetically sorted guest list
  • Approve or deny accreditation requests to event
  • Print out guest list

6. MarketSpace Memberships

  • Become a member of multiple MarketSpaces
  • Send invitations in MarketSpace design
  • Publish news and events in specialized MarketSpaces
  • Choose which content to be published in which MarketSpace
  • TibaSpace is programmed by intranet security experts, assuring highest industry standards in security
  • The infrastructure is updated regularly with latest security patches: our security sys-tems are always kept up to date
  • The data is encrypted on servers using 256-bit AES SSL. SSL. Online banks use the same technology. This means data sent between TribaSpace and your computer remains private at all times
  • The network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall
  • The systems are backed up automatically
  • Reduced Redundancy Storage: data stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities. Designed to sustain the loss of data in a single facility
  • The access to your TribaSpace account must be verified by a link sent to your email address
  • You can apply passwords to shared files and expiration dates for file access. You control what is shared
  • Shared files can be made private at any time. Unique, randomly-generated IDs are applied to links for shared files
  • Your files uploaded to TribaSpace are private by default
  • Your private news is not Google-searchable
  • TribaSpace is tested exhaustively for system security and validation
  • TribaSpace uses Python, the state-of-the-art programming language tool, in conjunction with Pyramid framework
  • Partners: Amazon Web, highest industry standard host and security service. (