Tutte Presentazioni Prodotto Conhpol - Elevator Shoes - Patent for Seven

Conhpol - Elevator Shoes - Patent for Seven

Elegant, casual, suitable for both great festive events and day-to-day activities…and with value added. Conhpol hereby presents a collection that combines the newest technology with shoes that follow the latest fashion world trends. The result? A unique method that adds height along with a stylish look for each and every situation.

It has been long known that good looks boost and guarantee self-confidence. In order to stroll through life with a bold walk, it is best to start with good shoes. The collection of elevator shoes from Conhpol is another proposal from a producer that continues to unceasingly develop new solutions. Hence, creation of a new formula combined with focus on each and every detail ultimately allowed us to design remarkably comfortable shoes that will add even up to 7 cm to your height.

A patented and unique technology. What seems invisible at first glance in fact plays an inevitable role. The strength is in the hidden construction complemented with elevator insoles. Thanks to the classical height of the heel, the form of the shoe is able to maintain its natural shape – thus it does not differ much from standard models. The ergonomic solution applied for the heel is combined with a unique elevation and therefore remains minimally noticeable. The lightness of walking and comfort of use are of utmost priority in this collection.

The collection of Conhpol elevator shoes was developed in accordance with the current trends. You can choose from a variety of elegant models of visiting shoes that will surely serve well during work as well as other particular occasions. Furthermore, an interesting proposal constitute shoes from the casual line – ideal for informal meetings.

Combination of unique technology, thorough care for each detail and fashionable design is the sole quintessence of Conhpol elevator collection. Similarly to other products offered by the brand, it guarantees top-tier quality of execution. With an additional patent for seven.


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