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Photo: Stylist Lester Garcia by New Kids on the Blog Photo: Stylist Lester Garcia by New Kids on the Blog

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Blogs We Love: New Kids on the Blog

venerdì, dic 3, 2010, 13:19 / United States

Welcome to the blogosphere, New Kids on the Blog! We have our eyes on this recently launched fashion blog run by three newbies to the industry getting their foot in the door as photo assistants, interns and bloggers on the side. Although they were barely babies when the band they named themselves after reigned in popularity, the content these Berliner/New Yorkers post shows a maturity beyond their years, an eye for the avant-garde and access to important players in the industry.

With the simple goal of “showing people beautiful things,” the New Kid bloggers are certainly succeeding, and their gauntlet runs from adorable street style shots of elderly women to interviews with quirky stylists to photo spreads plucked from under-the-radar magazines. Although they modestly claim their project is nothing special and just another fashion blog, we see a bright future for these three twenty-somethings, whether in the blogosphere or the fashion industry in the third dimension. TribaSpace had a quick chat with Phillip, Vivian and Natalie of New Kids on the Blog:

TribaSpace: What is your blogging philosophy? What is your style philosophy?
Phillip, Vivian & Natalie: Blogging is more like a personal platform for us, it is a possibility to share things we like or projects we wish to support with everyone who wants to know. Style is individual, but we like it clear with hidden details.

TS: Is fashion just pleasure for you or do you also involve yourself in the business side?
Natalie: I would love to work as a stylist, but being just a watcher is pleasure enough for me.
Vivian: I had an internship for Von Bardonitz and I also make clothes myself.
Philipp: I work as an assistant for fashion photographers in Berlin and NYC.

Your blog is about NYC and Berlin?
Because we are living there, but especially because both cities are highly influenced by young creative artists from all other the world.

How do you find/select what goes on the blog?
We mostly find things by meeting people and getting to know them and their work. When either the person or their work (or mostly both) appeals to us, we publish a post about it. Blogs and social media platforms are of course always a big source for us, but we try to create more of our own content. We are currently working on new episodes for our category “Visite Chez” which portraits the people behind the fashion industry. We are still searching for a sponsor that supports us to travel to the people that we want to interview!

How do you think blogging is changing the fashion industry?
Natalie: Everyone seems to be involved in fashion nowadays. On the one hand it’s good – more reputation for young and unknown designers. People – especially men – are now more aware of what they’re wearing. But on the other hand, it’s sometimes a little bit scary that almost everyone is calling himself a “fashion expert.” I mean I’m not a fashion expert at all, I just want to post things I find interesting. But it’s quite remarkable how things from blogs, especially street fashion blogs, develop into new worldwide trends.

Where do you find inspiration?
Philipp: I truly find inspiration wherever I am. Sometimes it‘s hard to sort my inspiration in a busy city like NYC, but public parks are always a nice place to develop ideas.
Natalie: People from Iceland. They’ve got their own sense of style which I totally adore. The forests and animals. My beautiful mom and my grandmother.

What do you do when you are not blogging?
Vivian: Studying. Or sewing. Or stuff most people at my age do, meeting friends, partying etc.
Natalie: Sleeping. Eating the MOST DELICIOUS food.
Philipp: Working as photo assistant, blog consultant, web designer, VJ & DJ.

Megan Cahn | TribaSpace

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