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Moccasin type Slipper by Papanatas, the excellence in design

mercoledì, feb 19, 2020, 11:05 / Alicante, Spain

Today we bring you an example of our approach, with a unique model: moccasin type slipper by Papanatas, the excellence in design.

Our most fashionable brand creates seasonal models inspired by fashion trends to dress those who are looking for a difference.

These shoes have a set of characteristics that make them unique pieces for special moments.

On one hand, its functional aspects in terms of comfort, performance, strength and guarantee.

On the other hand, its emotional side, with a hybrid design capable of capturing all eyes for its boldness.

Undoubtedly, fantastic shoes that, in addition, can be an exciting bond between girls and moms, who can wear them at the same time.

We will describe some of the benefits of this model that leaves no one indifferent and that can be a perfect gift.

The first thing we want to highlight about this moccasin type slipper is its elastic strap for a perfect fastening.

Its front detail in the form of a metal stirrup gives it a great personality.

It is made of a bovine leather with a beautiful shiny finish.

But undoubtedly, the most striking is his lively fur, along with its full lining of natural hair.

To round off the qualities of this special model, we want to highlight the fact that its flexible and non-slip rubber sole gives it a great comfort.

Important: They fit very small, so we recommend choosing 1 or 2 sizes more than usual.

Like all shoes manufactured in Eli 1957, we follow a process of artisanal elaboration in Spain, with leathers and top-quality materials.

Undoubtedly, these are ideal shoes for girls and moms to wear at the same time.

Comfortable, urban, and fashion footwear, with original and trendy details.

Gruppi Prodotto: Footwear, Shoes
Mercati: Children's, Women's

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