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Introducing BLACK LOTUS Paris - "Haute Couture" Embroidered Leather Armors

mercoledì, lug 18, 2012, 18:27 / Paris, France

Founded in 2010 by the visionary Emmanuel de St Barthelemy, BLACK LOTUS PARIS extends a capsule collection of 7 hand embroidered «Haute Couture» leather Perfectos. With these authenticated wearable works of art, the brand sets out to elevate the experience of luxury to its absolute paroxysm, by reinventing one of the great classics of our contemporary fashion cabinet.

BLACK LOTUS PARIS combines the astounding creativity of Emmanuel St Barthelemy with the incredible knowhow for which Jean-François Lesage is revered the world over. Based in Madras since 20 years, Lesage collaborates with eminent designers such as M. Christian Louboutin.

Crafted in premium lamb leather from France and numbered in a limited edition of 33, the jackets are first embroidered at Jean Francois Lesage personal ateliers in Madras before being assembled by haute couture hands in Paris.

Each design is a genuine work of art revealing intricately handcrafted embroideries that require up to 600 hours of work.

The «Haute Couture» hand embroidered leather Perfectos by BLACK LOTUS PARIS are decorated with genuine talismans uttering the sacred link between the human and the divine. Unearthing the core existential connection inherent to our humanity, these embroidered armours instates us with a spiritual protection that seems to echoes the eternal power and strength of ancient tribes.

International Sales & Public Relations contact: Coudray FSPR+

Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray
+33 6 52 53 72 45

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