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Showpress Press & PR Office
Avenida da Liberdade 212 - 1º Dt
1250-147 Lisboa
+351 21 315 23 75
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Chi Siamo
SHOWPRESS Press & PR Office

SHOWPRESS is a communication agency and showroom based in Portugal that supports brands and fashion designers. The main purpose is the exhibition and development of communication directional projects to the Portuguese press circuit.

With a very good-based position in the fashion industry, we represent brands and designers. Showpress has a strong experience in the areas of women’s clothing, male and kids, in distinct genres, ranging from the author’s design, classic styles to alternative designs. In addition, the communication also has the treatment of areas such as footwear, beachwear, optical, jewellery, timeframes, intimate, fragrance and home design collections.

The events department, houses all conditions necessary for the organization of events in the areas of fashion and design, which include presentations of new collections, product launch, fashion shows, advertising campaigns launch, openings, etc… directed to the national press, celebrities and general public. The creative part is vital to the success and momentum of the event, and to that end, the creative sector is essential.

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