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Chi Siamo
2WS, World Wild Souls

2WS, World Wilds Souls, is a sportswear / lifestyle brand created in September, 2010.

The clothing line 2WS is the result of a personal initiative of 5 pf the founders Yamakasi: it is a mix of style, boldness, and independence. These values are the essence of the brand, it is the spirit of the " Wild Souls ".

The range 2WS offers a collection of fluid clothes, in the uncluttered style, comfortable, cunning, of an incredible freedom of movement. Ideal for the practice of the Arts of the Movement and declinable in other universes, sport and streetwear, 2WS can be also worn in everyday life, to bring energy and style to casuals looks.

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  • Faustine Rostand
    Sales Manager
    68 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
    75001 Paris
    +33 (0) 6 20 44 60 55

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