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Craft Central
33-35 St John’s Square
EC1M 4DS Clerkenwell
United Kingdom…
020 7251 0276
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Craft Central, a pioneering not-for-profit organisation.

Craft Central, the new name for Clerkenwell Green Association, is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation established over 25 years that is dedicated to building a strong future for craft and design.

Craft Central is a place where things happen. People get inspired. Creative businesses flourish and a community of designers and makers talk, meet and swap ideas. Put simply, Craft Central is a destination for those involved in craft who want to get somewhere, make something happen and see things differently.

Crafts people and designer-makers can join Craft Central’s Designers’ Network, show work in exhibitions or in the online gallery, rent work spaces and get practical business help.

Individuals interested in craft and design, can visit ground-breaking events and exhibitions, use resources to source and buy original products, commission unique one-off pieces and support Craft Central’s non-profit work.

Craft Central gives everyone the chance to discover a world of craft and design that is more extensive, more inspiring and more accessible than most could ever imagine.

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