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Chi Siamo
Accessory Junkies

Mi lajki is an experience. It is the story of a place within yourself created by secrets and desires. To get here you must use all your senses. Mi lajki guides you here through our collections by telling tales of truths that are sleeping. We want to inspire and provoke reactions by creativity and humor in the details. Our collections will give you clues on how to find your own path in mi lajkis track. The tracks and trails are found in Florida's Everglade swamps where the magic slumbers at the roots of our ancient mangrove trees. When your magic has awakened you will see our rainbow. Our message is that the journey is actually part of the goal. You will find our castle where you unvail a map hidden in your own truth. Mi lajki will soon be released in book format.

Contrasts. Exploring the boundaries between ugly and beautiful. Old and young. Masculine and feminine. Evil and good. In our swamp safari animals are our guides and totems and have different meanings with the characteristics of our stories. Albino animals are enlightened and unique and a sign of strong magic talking to you. The flamingo is ruler of our kingdom, and proudly displays all differences and styles. The shark is a disingenuous, but a master of the flirting to attract money and success. The alligator is guarding your darkest secrets and buries your sorrows. A rattlesnake tell you about lies and gossips about future danger. The vampire lives in your shadow, and he will eat your dreams if you do not see his love.

The materials used are all about styling in a fresh clash of mix and match. For example, in the jewelry products we use ionizing plated brass, crystals, mixed with 14 K gold and sterling silver depending on which of our customer segments, we hope to attract. In our signature jewelry, we have a top line and a sub-line called the island and the mainland. We have 3 differnet collections which are delivered every two months; Yummy, Starstruck, and Swamp Safari. Our product portfolio range from jewelry, handbags, shoes in accessories, but also dresses and clothes.

Selected ones are keepers of my key. Allowing entrance only for those who search for truth. First you must navigate on my map. It is to be found curling in a twilight conch. Use all of your senses. Framed by ancient wisdom of complex roots of our mangrove lined shores my castle stand tall as its twisting towers rise high above the surrounding waters. It is a beautiful key built of collected treasures of the sea. Seafood bones, oysters and seashells are gathered through feasting of holy celebrations and seasonal passages. However, greedy treasure hunters have stepped a shore corrupting my magical powers, but little do they know that my true riches lays sheltered in these fairwaters of our rivers and bays. My land is named for its beauty but yet they cannot see what is right before their eyes.

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