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Jhymena Design
Atocha street
28012 Madrid
+34 690107456
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Chi Siamo
This is how we started

"Jhymena has started in the fashion world since she was a child, feeling interested for culture, dance and fashion because her mother used to work in a theater very famous in Argentina. In 2006 she decided to move to Spain and she had some contacts with popular fashion designers over there, and started working with them, being part of all the process of design, production and business. From two years ago she has launched her own brand called "Jhymena" with many cultural influences. This is because of her familiar ancestry and her passion for traveling and the Indian culture. This fashion designer has the manufacturing in New Delhi and she travels to this city very often where she can absorb of this entire world. The fabrics and making dress are made over there and that is why the results are so well appreciated at first sight."

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