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At INUOVO, we celebrate togetherness. We believe in the beauty of being different from one another, yet gathering together with realness, deepness, style and fun.
We design our collections with the same motto and style genuine leather with a twist of chic, feminine, and bold details. We enrich the classic nature of leather with unique touches while preserving its authenticity.
At INUOVO, we make shoes for women who value togetherness, realness, deepness, style and fun.
We design our collections in-house and get our inspiration from today’s women who lead high-pace lives in different cities around the globe.
We serve modern, metropolitan, fashion conscious lives who keep reshaping our mold for better, as the world turns. And we offer them our values for staying hard to the core, together.

Annually we launch 2 collections; Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer. The product line mainly consists of sandals in summer and boots for winter, as well as ballerinas, slip ons, lace ups and sneakers.
Our collections are designed by real designers, for real women and we get our inspiration from real life at modern times.
Designing our styles in house gives us the power to create endlessly and instantly so that we can catch the here-and-now trends before they exist.
Our collections are created with high quality leather in every color of the nature, finished with special techniques and styled up with young & feminine details.
INUOVO shoes display a clear signature which reflects our unique design language througout the different lines we feature in every collection.

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