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Chi Siamo "GDS"

Earlier than any other trade fair, GDS shows you what is going to move the world of shoes and accessories. From popular designs for the mainstream to progressive niche segments: All styles for all groups are presented here. Renowned brands are making their clear mark for the future with their collections. At GDS, you will experience the most important develo…

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GDS Trend Forecast

Sneakertrends Herbst/Winter 2017/18

mercoledì, 04 gen 2017 / Düsseldorf • Germany

GDS Retail

Die schönsten Weihnachtsschaufenster 2016

giovedì, 22 dic 2016 / Düsseldorf • Germany

GDS New Collection

Etty Leon hebt (sich) ab!

mercoledì, 21 dic 2016 / Düsseldorf • Germany

GDS Trade Show

123. GDS - Global Destination for Shoes & Accessoires

martedì, 07 feb 2017 – giovedì, 09 feb 2017 from 09:00 to 18:00 / DüsseldorfGermany

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GDS New Products

GDS July 2016

GDS Trade Show Update

Brands @GDS

giovedì, 10 nov 2016 / Düsseldorf • Germany

GDS Footwear News

GDS findet 2017 Anfang September statt – von Sonntag bis Dienstag

venerdì, 23 set 2016 / Düsseldorf • Germany

GDS Trade Show Update

,GDS 365‘ – Digital Marketplace

martedì, 02 feb 2016 / Düsseldorf • Germany

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