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Edward Finney Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Edward Finney Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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Edward Finney Spring/Summer 2012

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011, 8:53 PM / United Kingdom

By Diana KAKKAR, Editor-at-Large

October 5, 2011, [London] - When I first learnt the word "Design Process" in my fashion school, I was a little upset.

The reason I decided to move on from my world of Economics to the "oh-so-frivolous" world of fashion was to break away from the barriers of processes, and methods!

Well, the ghost followed me there too, but soon I realized how important this "PROCESS" was. It almost was standardization in itself.

My belief in it was reinforced when I met Edward Finney, a Central Saint Martins graduate, who has an impressive profile with an experience working with late Mr. McQueen, and Chittlebourgh & Morgan,Saville Row, and finally earning himself his due share as the Assistant Menswear Designer to John Galliano for the self admitted "4 best years" of his life.

Edward's design process is simple and works beautifully for him. An ardent reader, Edward chooses a muse, quite often out of the biographies he reads, usually a woman who inspires him with her strong character and persona, and in return Edward returns the favor by researching her life more, which gives him his details, the color story, the fabric board, all in all, his complete collection, which boasts of its excellent quality, and finishes.

"I like to design 3D more than 2D!The fact that I know how to cut my own patterns helps me change my design as I go along, and not restrict myself to what I drew on the page a few hours ago", says this Hertfordshire born designer, before adding "All the products are made in Britain, and everything is hand finished which gives the collection the premium look, I hope to epitomize with my label".

If his Spring/Summer 2012 collection could speak to me, it would ooze out one word...well two actually ' Bespoke Tailoring'...

Product Groups: Fabrics, Casual Wear, Textiles, Ready-to-Wear, Photography, Accessories, Contemporary
Markets: Women's

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