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What happens after the trade fair? What happens after the trade fair?

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Fashion Business Amplified - How Buyers Can Benefit By Doing Business Online

Thursday, Sep 1, 2011, 1:28 PM

When it comes to fashion business, being a buyer is a covetable gig. Cross-continental travel to fashion capitals is a must, and come January or August it’s time to hit the trade fairs and catwalk shows to see the latest collections, with the odd launch party thrown in for customer relations.

But like many roles in the rag trade the job is not just about glamour – the hard work behind the scenes is what really counts. Buying requires confident decision-making, extensive product and customer knowledge and skillful numeracy. Successful buyers possess self-motivation, strategic expertise and creative flair, and can juggle conflicting demands. Since the marketing and retail sectors successfully incorporated online plaftforms into their business models, promising opportunities have arisen for buyers to change how they interact with clients.

The tradeshow circuit during fashion week begs a hectic schedule. Hopping between appointments is challenging, but buyers can minimise time spent on site by preparing well in advance. Instead of catching the first glimpse of a collection on the stand, access images and information about the collection before the fair. Designers and brands use TribaSpace to create product presentations showcasing their garments, offering general product descriptions, detailing the fabric used and the colour and sizes available, with multiple views of the garment and fabric swatches giving an extensive overview of each piece.

Those running their own retail venture may have other stakeholders to consider before signing that line sheet. Late nights spent discussing deals with business partners back home in different time zones can be avoided by asking designers to invite the relevant parties inside their online showroom. This way all stakeholders can review proposed orders and send feedback while you sleep, leaving you to settle the deal with the designer upon waking up.

Before going ahead with any order balancing the season’s budget is crucial. While pro buyers usually have a knack for numbers, cost calculations are visible during the order process when using TribaSpace, making it easy to stay on budget. Buyers can modify product quantities, sizes or fabric easily as much as necessary before submitting the pre-order to the designer.

Moreover, replacing hand-written orders with online sheets avoids any ambiguity when it comes to getting what you want – there’s no illegible quantities or discounts scribbled on the form, or chance that the unique order form is misplaced.

Best of all, buyers use TribaSpace for free, making it easy to connect with a diverse stable of designers, providing myriad opportunities to discover new clients within a B2B environment.

Wondering what B2B means and why it is important? Check back next week when we explain the term "business-to-business" and how interacting within such an environment online can widen your network and strengthen your business.

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