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Fashion Business Amplified - How To Strengthen Your Relationships With Clients

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011, 12:46 PM

We all know what impact a strong online presence has for B2C relations, yet often brands overlook the importance of regular interaction with their B2B customers. Engaging with all of your clients – from wholesale to retail – can help you gain trust, cement new relationships and secure sales across the board.

Our ability to communicate in real-time with those across the pond has obvious benefits, but is dependent on sustaining steady contact. If you only see your clients during fashion week, update social media sites intermittently or just send your newsletter a few times a year or then you are missing out on many opportunities to connect with your clients. Orchestrating a steady flow of targeted, personalised communication is essential, and easily done with a few simple tools and strategies.

Last week we spoke about how sharing news can help you increase your brand visibility. Sharing a story about what inspired your latest collection can get a new buyer’s attention, and might explain why your brand is a good match for their store. Telling clients about recent activities also helps them prepare efficiently for your next meeting together – that way you can then spend more time getting down to details.

But it’s not enough to post updates every few months or so. As with all worthwhile pursuits, repetition is key. Not only should you establish a posting schedule and stick to it, but also consider how content shared with your business network may need to be portrayed more professionally, potentially using a different voice you use for content pitched at end consumers. Consider what you can say that sets your brand apart from the rest – why should a potential client want to invest in you?

Explain your brand’s values and demographic to your clients in the form of regular, short news updates. Once you’ve got your client’s attention, tell them about the new flagship store you’ve opened, the latest industry accolade you received or how your new production methods have struck a chord with conscious consumers… share the development of your brand and let clients watch how your new collection unfolds.

TribaSpace Secure Online Showrooms provide the perfect tools to share updates within a B2B network. In addition to providing regular news you can also share events – if you are hosting a showroom date or headed to a tradeshow in another city let your network know!

Regular, real engagement with your clients will help you stand out in a world that is overflowing with information and competition. Secure Online Showrooms help you centralise your data, making your space a ‘one-stop-shop’ for clients to visit. In an era where everyone is competing for each other’s online attention, why not make it easy for your network to read updates and access your product from one online place?

Wondering how to interact with your clients safely? Need to protect your information from your competitors? Check back next week when we share our tips on how to protect your data online.

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