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Fashion Business Amplified - Get Closer to Your Clients

Friday, Aug 5, 2011, 2:04 PM

Clients. It's all about them.

If you work in the fashion industry you are probably a professional, love what you do and how you do it, but as a conscientious business person you frequently think about what your clients want, how you can help them and, ultimately, how to get closer to them.

How can you answer to these questions – vital to the success of the business – if you only meet your clients on special occasions, or, even worse, only at parties and trade shows twice a year?

With the number of names in today’s market there is an increasing necessity to truly know and connect with your clients. To consider their wants and needs is key to developing engaged, successful relationships that lead to a respected brand name.

In this global, digitised world we have a variety of channels to connect with partners and clients – yet none were designed by fashion professionals. When using social media, how many times have you wondered why your brand message gets lost in the noise of other bloggers and fashionistas? The challenge today is to be unique, to have your own voice, to present it loud and clearly, but in your own space, in a secure tone, controlled by you.

Jorge Sampaio of Six London stresses the role this plays in his business, explaining “Online communication is of utmost importance to our business, we have a network of 400 accounts worldwide, 12 agencies, 14 people at our production offices in Portugal and a team of 12 in London, and need to communicate everyday, via email, Skype first and telephone after. We spend days where we don't call on the phone, it was surprising five years ago, not anymore”.

TribaSpace was designed for busy, multi-tasking people, like Jorge and probably you.

TribaSpace combines PR & communication possibilities with sales and marketing tools, giving you the ability to create a Secure Online Showroom. There you easily communicate brand values, streamline client communication, acquire new strategic network alliances, conduct secure sales interactions and ultimately win new business opportunities.

You can also present products or images in a secure space and manage pre-orders from clients directly online. Showroom owners can create and manage a digital order book of their collection including product views, descriptions, fabrics, colors, sizes and quantities. You can show your collection to your selected clients anytime from anywhere.

Besides presenting, managing and tracking orders online, Secure Sales Showroom owners can publish their events directly to fashion professionals ready to do business. Showroom owners can manage guest lists, send HTML invitations, create a company profile, publish private or public news and create statistics.

TribaSpace is a B2B network designed for fashion industry professionals – it is not simply a social media site or networking opportunity. It offers detailed functionality that has been built based on the fashion industry's needs. It provides options to privatise content and ensure that what you post is non-accessible by Google, should you wish to interact securely with the clients that are closest to you.

The fashion business is changing. Stay connected with your clients 24/7, target communication, present your brand story how you dreamed it, get to know those clients who matter to you, establish trust and keep fashion pros informed about your brand by revolutionising your workflow today. Amplify your fashion business now.

When it comes to online business helping the fashion industry these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Check back next Friday when we post the next installment in our new editorial series Fashion Business Amplified, where we'll explore how you can increase your brand visibility online...

Diana Nóbrega | TribaSpace

Product Groups: Representation, Other, Buying
Markets: Other, Women's, Children's, Men's

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