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Zara - Neon Canvas Platform Sandal Zara - Neon Canvas Platform Sandal

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Color Code: NEON

Friday, Jul 8, 2011, 9:47 AM / New York, United States

July 8, 2011, [New York] - I thought we had seen the last of the 80's, but I forgot that Fashion does have a cycle, and we will catch up with the 90's, or is the 90's catching up with us?

90's saw the world move from the grunge culture to the acidic neon rave parties, and, well to my delight, we have those Neons back!
It somehow seems more chic now, not that loud, or garish, it seems to stand out for all the good reasons.

Neon is definitely the new color on the block...literally.

You can see it trickle from the runway into the high-street brands and straight into people's wardrobes effortlessly.

You can go for a Jil Sander or Christopher Kane all over 'Glow look', or if you want to slowly tread yourself into this trend, just paint your nails with The American Apparel Nailphpac to brighten your weekend look, or try those Marni shoes with your boyfriend jeans and white shirt.

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