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„ give me 3 instead of 5 “

Sunday, May 8, 2011, 3:22 PM / Munich, Germany

  • the new facebook campaign of geppebba -
  • actually we don´t like ads but we really need to sell more..
  • it absolutely strange.. you design the best possible pair of trousers, an invention itself and before the trend of drop crotch came.. but - no comment, you know how it works..
    why ?
  • don´t ask me ! You can wear 5 pockets jeans the rest of your life-time, but this has nothing to do with the core of fashion, Mister. geppebba is maybe more interesting for the next generation of the over next generation... But today you can make a big deal if you „ give me 3 instead of 5 “

Product Groups: Sportswear, Ready-to-Wear, Streetwear, Denim, Casual Wear
Markets: Women's, Men's

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