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Wundervoll Infinity Bra worn with Galaxy Pantie Wundervoll Infinity Bra worn with Galaxy Pantie

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Wundervoll is wonderful – a chat with Matthias Jaschke

Wednesday, Mar 9, 2011, 11:29 AM / Berlin, Germany

Some of the world’s finest underwear for women is created by men – there’s Agent Provocateur’s Joseph Corre, Zimmerli’s Marcel Hossli, and the latest member of the gentlemen’s league, Matthias Jaschke. A business studies graduate and former eBay manager, Jaschke runs Berlin-based Wundervoll, and can talk about lingerie for hours.

The family-owned business Formesse was originally founded as bedding company Waeschefabrik Rupp by Matthias Jaschke’s grandparents in 1947. Quality remains in the Jaschke’s family's DNA, so when the time was right Matthias decided to launch a new, younger version of Formesse using the family expertise to create new enterprise Wundervoll (German for wonderful) in 2008. The idea was a success, with the The New York Times declaring “Had Helmut Lang, the master of minimalist cool, designed lingerie, it might look like this.”

Produced exclusively in Germany, subtle sexiness is Wundervoll’s aesthetic, represented with strong branding strategies and manifest via minimalistic silk, satin and jersey pieces. Wundervoll’s signature piece is a high-waist pantie, included each season with variations on the original style. This season welcomes a new member of the Wundervoll family: Stardust, a chic silk jersey jumpsuit so comfortable wearers will not want to leave their abode.

TribaSpace talked with Matthias Jaschke about his Wundervoll vision….

TribaSpace: Why luxury lingerie?
Matthias Jaschke: There is a gap that currently exists in the lingerie market in my opinion, and I would like to close it. Wundervoll is sensible luxury combined with intelligent and understated sex appeal. It is lingerie that envelopes the female body without constricting it. We don’t just want women to look good in Wundervoll, we want them to feel completely comfortable – confident about their body, as well as the quality of materials and high standard of production. We aim to create an unmistakable Wundervoll style, and not follow short-lived trends.

Is Germany a difficult market for lingerie?
That is a common perception. Germans – if you believe clichés – do not spend as much money on their underwear as French, Spanish or Americans. On the other hand, if they do, they want to have the best quality: this is their definition of luxury underwear, not fancy cuts or lace but fabrics and specific details. The market is good for us as there is an increasing number of boutiques ordering substantial quantities.

Have social media and new technologies, such as TribaSpace, made an impact on your business?
Absolutely! The entire Wundervoll marketing and PR team is supported by social media platforms, digital imaging and digital delivery of information – it is efficient, fast and cost-sensitive. For the sales department we also increasingly use digital ways of presenting and communicating, in addition to the traditional sales formats.

Your wish for the future of fashion?
A more progressive and daring lingerie industry, which promotes the demand for new lingerie concepts. Wundervoll should of course continue to play an important role.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

Product Groups: Sales, Ready-to-Wear, Production
Markets: Women's

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