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Random Thoughts : Pain of Growing Up

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010, 12:43 PM / Berlin, Germany

This is a series of short stories by Natasha Binar.
Thank you for stopping by, you are my true inspiration!


It is time I finally have to grow up. Take responsibilities. Have a real job. Start a serious relationship. And keep my parents happy.
Would I be happy? Not so sure as I am constantly in denial (refuse?) to grow up in the first place. Really. I basically fake my “grown up” life and my adult appearance to everyone. Until I realize they might do the same.
The question is really why growing up is painful? Life is upon me (still), no boyfriend found yet (do I desperately need to? I hope not), job prospects.. well. Don’t think anyone would seriously hire me as I am a. constantly late b. having difficulties to pay serious attention to the issues that “really matter”.. Living in my bubble proved to be my kind of life concept. Having worked as a freelancer. Praising my own personal freedom more than anything else.
With my ideas on what I want to do when I grow up being changed on a daily basis, style, people and gossip columns being my homepage of choice, my social networks (Facebook!) seriously overtaking my real life, it is time to make decisions… Unfortunately, I am not very good with decisions. I am a lazy kind of girl. World peace and thank you. But I cannot be a regular at my favorite bar forever! It is time for me to do my new haircut and march my way into life with a nice serious boyfriend (someone with the very clear ideas on how to live HIS life), with a job that will benefit my future (maybe I will become a head of PR or marketing or something equally glamorous and therefore extremely competitive and desirable by almost every other girl I know), with a child (well this one is too early, besides – once you have it you cannot make it back. Basically it stays with you until the end).
.. And make everyone happy. Except me.

Illustration: Jarek Piotrowski

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