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Company News Private Seven New York’s Joseph Quartana on: The Buying Process Company News Private Seven New York’s Joseph Quartana on: The Buying Process

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Seven New York’s Joseph Quartana on: The Buying Process

Friday, Nov 12, 2010, 11:56 AM / New York, United States

New York Fashion Mecca, Seven New York has been dictating style to a crowd of proselytes since its inception in 2000. Co-founded by Joseph Quartana together with Steve Sang and John Demas, the shop boasts a selection of some of the most cutting-edge contemporary designers, such as Jeremy Scott, ThreeAsFour, April 77 and Bernard Willhem. An extremely progressive boutique, Seven New York has focused in particular on media exposure, promoting special projects and events with relevant magazines and creating a profitable and well-designed online shop.

We asked Joseph Quartana, manager and buyer of the shop a few questions about how he feels about the ever-growing relationship between fashion and technology:

What is the role of a commercial buyer in the era of online shopping?
Well, it is really not just about the buyer, as online shopping is more complicated than just the buyer’s duties alone. It’s really a team effort and a bit different from running a traditional brick and mortar shop. Of course the buyer has to find items and brands that are relevant for the market, but it is up to the creative team to ‘package’ it nicely on the site, the programmer to ensure the site runs efficiently and some administrators to actually process orders and respond to customer inquiries. But we can say the buyer’s job remains the same!

Do you trust social media as an efficient channel for a brand communication?
Yes, though I didn’t always. I was very anti-facebook until this past summer, but then I realized what a useful tool it is for getting your message across. We now have a Seven New York facebook page that ties back to our e-commerce website and in only a few months we already have 1100 fans! The bottom line is that this is simply another online channel which can be used to convey information to your clientele, and it is not cheesy, so it works very well for us!

How can on-line purchasing fulfil the contemporary customer’s emotional needs?
In the same way as it fulfils a customer’s needs that actually come into the shop to purchase. They ask for a cool item, we have it in stock, quite simply: the difference is they don’t need to buy a plane ticket to come to New York and I think all high fashion purchases are based on emotional needs.

How much has your shop’s business increased since you embraced online shopping?
Enough that it was worth our while. I can’t get into specifics but I can say it has been a crazy amount of work we weren’t really ready for at first.

What do you forecast in terms of marketing regarding luxury brands? Will they be able to sell ‘online dreams’ too?
Well, Net-a-Porter is doing it and haven’t gone out of business, so I’d say it’s working. I’m not sure if they are profitable though just yet.

What is a sane and profitable way to approach social networks in the Fashion business?
Being honest in terms of who you are, what you represent in terms of aesthetic values, and what you sell.

Seven New York
110 Mercer Street
New York 10012
Tel : +1 646 654 0156
Fax: +1 646 654 0158

Stefania Petruzziello | TribaSpace

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