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Missoni's Fall 2010 Campaign Brings the Visuals

Monday, Aug 2, 2010, 1:00 PM

Experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger and French composer Koudlam, have teamed up to create a two-and-a-half minute video showcasing Missoni's Fall and Winter collections. The Missoni Family stars as models who play in a multi-layered, ethereal space, taking the recently ubiquitous fashion film to an abstract place. The film is produced by Brian Butler.

Vogue Italia's Mariuccia Casadio on the project:

"A man of few words, this fascinating former actor who still takes care of his appearance first filmed the settings for his film “Missoni”: mostly locations near bodies of water in the Sumirago countryside and part of Rosita and Ottavio’s garden. For the indoor sequences, he built a set in the Council Room of the Sumirago Town Hall, a basement room with a vaulted ceiling. The mood of the film and the poses and movements of Margherita, Jennifer, Angela, Rosita, Ottavio, Ottavio Jr. and all other [Missoni] family members are reminiscent of Sergei Parajanov’s “The Color of Pomegranates”, a 1968 film that inspired Anger to create his Chinese box-style storyboard."

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