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Second Button Customizable Shirts

Friday, Jul 30, 2010, 7:53 AM

The way most shirts are designed, you're either forced to flaunt your chest hair or you're buttoning your shirt up to your chin to cover it. After years of trying on shirts that just didn't work – solely because of an inferior placement of the second button – Second Button was fed up.

Second Button is a trio of New Yorkers on a quest for the perfect masculine neckline. On the website, now in beta, you can customize features like collar style, cuff style, pockets, liners, and the company's inspiration, button placement. And there's a wide range of buttons to work with, too, from casual to formal--all lead-free and treated with resin for break-resistance.

All fabrics are 100% cotton and range in thread-counts from 80 to 155. Lower thread counts are used for the military and utility shirts that need more of a structured look. Second Button certainly knows their stuff: "we do not offer over 155 thread count because those fabrics wrinkle too easily. We're all about looking good without all the upkeep."

You just need to supply your measurements, which you can either take yourself, determine during a Skype appointment, or Second Button will send a "measurement girl" for you.

Introducing Second Button, supplying the world's discriminating men with stylish, made-to-measure custom shirts. The mission: to assure the fit is always as good as the look. It's what makes Second a First.

Product Groups: Creation, Contemporary
Markets: Men's

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