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Bend-it successfully crowdfunded the men collection

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016, 9:42 AM / Amsterdam, Netherlands

The past few months have been crazy behind the scenes of Bend-it. We worked really hard for our kickstarter campaign. With this campaign people online have the ability to pre-order shoes and to be the first to have them. Reaching your goals to get started is always hard, so we are really happy to have reached ours.

Last week we received all the kickstarter orders. This meant we had to make photos or all the unique samples and do all the shipments. During the kickstarter campaign we gave the people the opportunity to create their own favorite color combination. In total over 30 different color combinations were ordered and shipped to all places around the world. This included Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Germany, France and many more.

It will be so exciting to see what will happen now. We can’t wait for the people world wide to wear our shoes and to continue the story we started. We are curious to see where the Bend-it shoes will go.

If you want to know more and follow our stories like us on our facebook page:

Product Groups: Ready-to-Wear, Casual Wear, Streetwear, Leatherwear, Footwear, Shoes
Markets: Women's, Men's

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