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Monday, Dec 7, 2015, 7:39 PM / New York, United States

It's functionable, fashionable and remarkable. Please welcome stylish down, quilted coats and jackets to shop now. Yes, I am talking about SNOWMAN Autumn 2015 season collection, what is funky futuristic, curious minimalistic and wild elegant. This cold season comes with highest quality of down, removable sleeves, detachable hoods and furs.

Believe me, every single piece from this collection can be easily transformed from ready to wear to couture within seconds.
It's awesome to see how professionals manage to implement luxurious construction techniques creating high quality down outerwear tailor-made for sophisticated city life. The following innovative designs can be easily styled with your everyday separates. Every line and shape perfectly fits the city's urban landscape.This is a cool super fitted down coat with a hood. It's embellished with a detachable faux fur trim suspender. The waist line is tailored to enhance the curvature.

This stylish hi-low down jacket is a must-have for those ladies who like to stand-out from the crowd. It comes with a tailored waist line and elastic band detail on the back. The faux fur on the hood trim is detachable. It comes with a double layered inner sleeves for extra warmth.

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Markets: Women's

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