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BEND-IT: KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: Comfortable & fashionable design shoes with a twist by Anke & Inge Kuipers

Monday, Oct 26, 2015, 11:00 AM / AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

Shoes of true quality created with amazing materials, fair labor and outstanding design. Dare to walk your dreams with Bend-it!


We offer different rewards and package deals. Our kickstarter campaign will be the only moment where it will be possible to design your own color combinations for the shoes. All your pledge details like shipping information, sizes, styles, and color choices will be collected via a survey after the campaign has ended. For more inspiration for the colours and for our collection for women please also see our website


Starting our own company is a dream for us. As sisters we complete each other not only in an emotional way but also professionally. Inge is head of Design and Anke is head of Commerce.

Setting things up is expensive, especially if you chose to stay small and authentic like we did. Our biggest costs are the sole of the shoe. This is because it is the most unique part of our shoe. We need to make a special molt for each shoe size in order to produce the sole.

We will use the money of your support to cover the costs of the molts and of course the other materials and shipment that are needed for your shoes. Of course this money will not be enough to cover all other costs such as our own fee, transportation costs and costs for the creation of the prototypes and first collection. But supporting us creates awareness of what we do and will give us the opportunity to start and grow our business organically and globally.

Product Groups: Shoes, Footwear, Leatherwear, Casual Wear, Streetwear
Markets: Men's, Women's

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