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Eastern Botanicals, An Intro

Saturday, Apr 11, 2015, 3:59 PM / California, United States

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF VIBRANT HEALTH, life-promoting paths, longevity and harmonizing mind, body and spirit have been documented by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) over the span of 3000 years. All that is present in the world is cyclic in nature with corresponding dualities that aim to unify and create equilibrium. Eastern Botanicals aims to create products with an optimal balance of herbs to create optimal balance in the body.

If your work schedule is packed and you are left jetting from one meeting to the next with a seemingly never-ending checklist, TCM can help you to balance your energy and adapt better to stressful situations. Read the full interview with founder Michelle Tien Dao on >>

Product Groups: Education, Other
Markets: Women's, Men's

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