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Wish list: Chianti Roman sandal and natural leather clog

Monday, May 25, 2020, 7:51 AM / Spain

We continue to propose beautiful things on our blog as a wish list: Chianti Roman sandal and natural leather clog.

We have a tremendous desire to return to normality, forget about this weird period and enjoy as we have always done.

In the meantime, now we can think of little things that will make us smile when that time comes.

Here we present you another pairing for girls and moms, with two fantastic proposals full of fashion and trends.

They are two seasonal models with a lot of style and design, from our Papanatas brand.

In the image above we can see both seasonal models. We will start by describing the one on the left.

It is a beautiful chianti Roman metallic ovine leather sandal with a glitter effect, with a huge personality.

Its silver shoelaces can be tied to your liking along the ankle or leg, generating a very strong Roman effect.

It has a full goatskin lining and its padded sole provides great comfort.

Its sole is thin and flexible, with a natural color, and a nice studded detail on the frame.

Important: They fit your actual size.

In this image we can see the subtle and unique natural leather clogs.

A spectacular model when it comes to dressing, which provides a lot of style to any type of look.

This closed-toe clog has a central strap for fastening and a buckle closure.

They are made with a natural bovine leather, incorporating a light wooden sole and clog heel, with a non-slip rubber base.

Ideal for girls and moms who want to live a special moment. Without a doubt, a gift that makes you fall in love.

Important: they fit small, choose one size more.

In all its models, Eli 1957 develops an artisan elaboration process in Spain, with high quality leathers and materials.

We hope you like this duality and you can mark it as a wish list to enjoy it soon!

Product Groups: Footwear, Shoes
Markets: Women's, Children's

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