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Wish List: Comfortable Girls and Boys Sports Shoes

Monday, May 18, 2020, 7:00 AM / Alicante, Spain

We continue on our blog proposing nice things as a wish list: Comfortable girls and boys Sports Shoes.

We all want to step on the street as soon as possible, forget about everything and simply enjoy the moment.

In the meantime, now we can think of little things that will make us smile when that time comes.

Here we propose another pairing for a girl and a boy, with two proposals full of fashion and comfort.

These are two very comfortable sport style shoes models from our Sibaritas brand.

The first proposal is the skit sports shoe that comes combined with a velcro strap, to the right of the image.

It is made of a bovine split and mesh fabric, incorporating an anatomical and padded sole that provides excellent comfort.

Its practical velcro fastening and its thick non-slip rubber sole round out a perfect model for long-term use.

An ideal sports shoe to dress with class and style.

Important: They fit their actual size.

As for our second proposal, in detail in the image, it is a sports shoe combined with a beautiful butterfly detail on the heel.

Made of metallic effect ovine leather, it acquires a remarkable personality, perfectly accompanied by its comfortable anatomical and padded sole.

The matching cotton lacing and its thick, non-slip rubber sole finish off this striking and stylish shoe.

In all its models, Eli 1957 develops an artisan elaboration process in Spain, with high quality leather and materials.

Without a doubt, essential shoes for unique moments.

Important: They fit their actual size.

We hope you like this duality and you can mark it as a list of desires to be enjoyed very soon!

Product Groups: Shoes, Footwear
Markets: Children's, Women's

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