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Communion and Ceremony 2020: designer shoes by Sibaritas

Monday, Mar 23, 2020, 11:59 AM / Villena, Spain

For these imminent special and unforgettable dates, Sibaritas already has its designer shoes ready for communion and ceremony in this 2020 season.

Our line Sibaritas proposes the reinvention of classic concepts associated with special moments, leading to a dream footwear.

We know very well that small details make a difference.

Of course, a special day like the First Communion is a perfect occasion to wear unique shoes.

In this post we have highlighted two models of the new collection of Sibaritas facing this spring/summer.

The first proposal is the elegant model for boys on the left of the following image.

It is a classic blucher type shoe made with a special Florentine leather with a full lining of caprine leather.

It incorporates cotton laces to the tone and a comfortable non-slip rubber sole, which provides great comfort.

They are shoes with a great style, which once used on a day like this will have a long life for other special occasions.

Without a doubt, an essential in every closet to always have it ready for an important event.

Important: They fit your actual size.

As for our second proposal, we can see it to the right of the image, with another beautiful classic design.

This very soft bovine suede moccasin without a lining, is decorated with a bow and tassels of the same leather.

It has a goatskin insole, with a non-slip rubber sole, very comfortable and secure, to wear for long hours.

Important: They fit your actual size.

Both proposals are ideal for special days and guarantee a prolonged subsequent use.

All the shoes of our brands (Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada) follow a careful process of craftsmanship in Spain, with top quality leathers and materials.

In short, essential shoes for relevant moments in which to live exquisite experiences.

Your favorite footwear to wear with a lot of class and style.

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Markets: Women's, Children's

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