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Urban and cosmopolitan style sports shoes by Sibaritas

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020, 10:38 AM / Villena, Spain

Without a doubt, what we like most is to impress you and for that reason we want to present you, so you start enjoying them, the urban and cosmopolitan style sports shoes by Sibaritas.

The urban style is very fashionable, since touring the city for leisure, study or work is a daily activity.

We want to provide shoes that look different when you want to find your perfect choice of footwear for your day to day routines.

Comfort, design, style, durability and much more. This is what we mean by Sibaritas. But, above all, we want you to feel that it is part of your personality.

Our sporty hybrids full of fashion details are an exquisite treat for yourself or to give away to someone special.

In this post, we will highlight one of the most interesting models of our new collection.

Urban and cosmopolitan style sports shoes by Sibaritas

To be more precise, we are in love with this model of the image. It is a frozen velvet multi-piece sports shoe.

This model has a soft breathable lining which is special for this type of footware, and it has a caprine, anatomical and padded leather insole.

Pure comfort, style and design in a cutting-edge hybrid piece.

It is made of top quality velvet, which produces a beautiful watermark effect.

Its fastening is by flat laces, also made of velvet.

The sole is a bicolor sports type, with an interesting thickness of its anti-slipping rubber, which provides a greater comfort and safety.

Finally, it is important to note that they fit your actual size.

Like all models of our brands (Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada), this product is manufactured in Spain, with top quality leathers and materials.

These shoes are essential in your wardrobe in which to live exquisite experiences for unique moments and to wear with class and style.

Product Groups: Shoes, Footwear
Markets: Children's

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