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Eli 1957 Participates in Stock Euskadi, Solidarity Footwear Campaign

Thursday, Jan 9, 2020, 3:08 PM / Euskadi, Spain

Eli 1957, within our social actions policy, we have participated in the Stock Euskadi event, a restorative solidarity campaign of footwear.

Held from December 13th to the 15th, 2019, this has been the first time that the winter edition has taken place this month.

It was certainly a very special edition, not only because of the dates (Christmas), but also because of its solidarity character.

Stock Euskadi gave a space within their fairgrounds to the charity association La Gota de Leche (The Drop of Milk).

This association cares for more than 1,000 girls and boys in social exclusion and their families.

Its managers put on sale almost 500 pairs of shoes, in addition to bags and clothing provided by leading brands.

Its full benefit is intended to acquire sports shoes for children in social exclusion.

Eli 1957 participates in Stock Euskadi, solidarity footwear campaign

Brands as representative as Chie Mihara, Vans, Stuart Weitzman, Custom & Chic, Sacha London, Paco Herrero or Magrit participated in the event.

Amongst them, Eli 1957 wanted to be part, and has provided some pairs of shoes for the social cause.

All these high-quality products were offered at special prices to try to achieve the charity objective.

This event, Stock Euskadi, is the largest outlet in the north of Spain, with 110 stores in this edition.

All of them have offered products with discounts of up to 80%, so many took advantage to anticipate Christmas shopping.

The founder and coordinator of La Gota de Leche, Julio Piñeiro, explained that the collaboration with shoe brands began two years ago.

It was specifically through the collection campaigns carried out by international Basques such as Igor Yebra or Carlos Arguiñano, amongst others.

The pieces, signed by the artists, are part of the exhibition of the Elda Footwear Museum (Alicante) Spain.

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