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Pietradura x Vogue List 1 Pietradura x Vogue List 1

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Monday, Nov 19, 2012, 2:42 PM / Paris, France

Dear Style Aficionados,

PIETRADURA is now officially referenced on the top rated VOGUE LIST.

The designer focus unveils the genesis behind this iconic French Baroque High-End Jewelry House and the unique career evolution of its founding creative director, Carole Midy.

PIETRADURA High-End Jewelry Collections are currently available at select stores and E-Shops including:

Maxfield (Los Angeles)
Couture Lab (London)
Caratime (Paris)
Galerie Lafayette Luxe (Paris)

For Sales & Public Relations inquiries, please contact Coudray FSPR+:

Product Groups: Creation, Jewellery, Denim, PR, Textiles, Act as an Agent, Consulting, Cosmetics, Couture, Media, Shoes, Fragrance, Eyewear, Ethical Wear, Photography, Accessories, Ready-to-Wear, Representation, Fabrics, Vintage, Promotion, Illustration, Buying, Publishing, Sales, Contemporary, Millinery
Markets: Women's, Men's, Other

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