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VON EUSERSDORFF Fragrances now available at FIRST IN FRAGRANCE - Leading Online Retail

Monday, Nov 19, 2012, 11:33 AM / Bruchsal, Germany

Dear Style Aficionados,

The Olfactory opuses by VON EUSERSDORFF New York are now available at leading German Online Perfume Haven, FIRST IN FRAGRANCE.

Founded in 2001 by "Master of Fragrance" George R. Wuchsa, FIRST IN FRAGRANCE offers Europe's largest range of exclusive niche fragrances and effective luxury cosmetics along with exquisite room fragrances and fashionable decorative cosmetics. Its state of the art online services are founded on the principles of individual customer care, presenting only high-quality and carefully selected beauty products along with a wonderful collection of accessoires that truly make everyday life so much better.

The name VON EUSERSDORFF New York echoes the historical heritage of the label founding ancestors; a family of German traders involved in the world-distribution of rare oils, spices and flower essences for nearly three centuries; mastering an artisan practice that was the initial cradle of the perfume industry as we currently know it.

The 4 Eaux de Parfum by VON EUSERSDORFF New York include:


The olfactory opuses by VON EUSERSDORFF New York are also available at select perfumeries and concept store worldwide including:

Arôma Parfums & Soins, Jenny Packham, Jovoy, Sens Unique (Paris)
Aromateka (Moscow)
Tenue de Nîmes, Cloud Nine (Amsterdam)
PL Line, Cléo, Kiki Niesten (Maastricht)

For Sales & Public Relations inquiries, please contact:

Product Groups: Denim, Textiles, Consulting, Representation, Contemporary, Fabrics, PR, Millinery, Promotion, Shoes, Ready-to-Wear, Buying, Act as an Agent, Illustration, Couture, Accessories, Creation, Fragrance, Jewellery, Media, Sales, Vintage, Photography, Ethical Wear, Cosmetics, Eyewear, Publishing
Markets: Women's, Men's, Other

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