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Qualifiers RELENTLESS Above the Line

Thursday, Jul 5, 2012, 11:28 AM / Berlin, Germany

And here are the Qualifiers for the finals of the RELENTLESS Above the Line Contest, taking place at 3pm in the skate arena at BRIGHT. Check them out, we are happy to present you our deluxe Line-Up:

: Luan, Oliveira (Flip)
: Louie, Lopez (Flip)
: Bramsmark, Fernando (Nike SB)
: Walker, Sebo (Lakai)
: Taubert, Louis (Flip)
: Zehnder, Kilian (Nike SB)
: Villumsen, Rene (Circa)
: Jimenez, Gonzalo (VANS)
: Kris, Vile
: Dewitt, Robbin (Lakai)
: Greyson, Fletcher (Flip)
: Lebron, Dani (Nike SB)

GOOD LUCK, GUYS on your way to grab the prize money!

1st € 4000.-
2nd € 2000.-
3rd € 1000.-

Product Groups: Streetwear, Sportswear
Markets: Women's, Men's

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