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Just do a HIGH FIVE...

Monday, Jul 2, 2012, 6:35 PM / Berlin, Germany

The non-profit organization at the Summer-Bright!
From 4th till 6th of July 2012 the Bright trade fair takes place again in Berlin and HIGH FIVE will be part of it.
Countless brands will show off their newest decks, axes, wheel and more. And while strolling through the rooms of the old Stasi headquarters, already assembling your new set up in your mind, you should also think about what to do with your old deck. A good idea would be to give it to a kid at the skate park. Or to just drop it into the box in the HIGH FIVE room on the first floor, room 108...
The non-profit organization from Munich offers free Skateboard Workshops for socially disadvantaged kids and teenagers since 2010.The goal is for the kids to have their first experiences on a board and hopefully to start a new hobby.
And now it’s your turn! Donate your old skateboard stuff and support HIGH FIVE
Just take a look under your bed, in your basement or in your attic to see if you still have some old but usable stuff which you could donate for a good cause. There’s a box for all of it at the HIGH FIVE booth in room 108! Chuck your stuff in, check out a few pics of the workshops and sign the HIGH FIVE wall – the spokespeople Louis Taubert, Alex Mizurov and Jürgen Horrwarth will also be there.
A further possibility to support the organization is by buying one of the shirts of the HIGH FIVE collection: the designs were none other than snowboard pro Marco Smolla or Flo Weber, the drummer of Sportfreunde Stiller. The profit of the shirts goes 100% towards the realization of further workshops.
HIGH FIVE is looking forward to all interested visitors, partners, media, spokespeople and friends. Everyone is welcome!
HIGH FIVE e.V., Bright Berlin, Room 108

Product Groups: Sportswear, Streetwear
Markets: Women's, Men's

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