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Welcome To TribaSpace® In 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 2:01 PM / Berlin, Germany

TribaSpace® is a social B2B Software System for the fashion industry, uniting the strengths of business software and social media into one tool.

TribaSpace®’s No.1 product is the TribaSpace® Online Showroom which enables fashion companies to market their products more efficiently in global fashion markets.
The TribaSpace® Online Showroom is Smart Online Technology and a Private Business Hub. It is a Powerful Order Tool and a Unique Communication Channel.
In addition it is the key to our latest product - TribaSpace® Marketplaces.

What is NEW on TribaSpace®?

The Design
You´d like to present your products in a professional yet attractive environment? TribaSpace®’s high design standards and intuitive interface help you to showcase your products right and present your brand in the best possible light. See for yourself

The Online Showrooms
Whether big or small the different TribaSpace® Online Showrooms only differ in capacity, the number of visitors you can host and the amount of information you can upload. All showrooms have the same features as listed here

The Prices
TribaSpace® offers Smart Solutions to sell, network & promote in global fashion markets for every fashion business. Whether Young Designer or Global Fashion Brand, there is a TribaSpace® Online Showroom that will suit just fine. Find out more

Get more information right HERE, on the brand new TribaSpace® website!

Product Groups: Sales, Other, Publishing, Promotion, PR
Markets: Children's, Men's, Other, Women's

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