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Von Eusersdorff Packaging Courtesy of Boy Bastiaens Von Eusersdorff Packaging Courtesy of Boy Bastiaens

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Introducing VON EUSERSDORFF New York - The Empire State of Fragrances

Thursday, Oct 27, 2011, 12:19 PM / New York, United States

The Empire State Of Fragrances

The name VON EUSERSDORFF echoes the historical heritage of the label's founding ancestors; a family of Prussian originated German traders involved in the world-distribution of rare floral essences; who has been mastering across nearly three centuries, an artisan practice that served as the cradle for the perfume industry as we currently know it.

Camille Henfling, the wizard behind the label’s rebirth is a direct descendant of the VON EUSERSDORFF lineage.

The 4 Olfactory Opuses by VON EUSERSDORFF are:


The niche fragrances by VON EUSERSDORFF are currently available at select perfumeries and concept stores including:

Arôma Soins & Parfums, Jovoy Paris, Sens Unique, Jenny Packham,Série Noire (France)
Aromateka (Russia)
Aus Liebe Zum Duft (Germany)
Tenue de Nîmes ,Cléo, Cloud Nine, Kabinet (The Netherlands)

Nb: Artwork and Brand Image Credits for VON EUSERSDORFF Fragrances:Boy Bastiaens

Sales & PR contact: T. +33 6 52 53 72 45 / Paris – France.

Product Groups: Ethical Wear, Photography, PR, Sales, Promotion, Millinery, Accessories, Ready-to-Wear, Contemporary, Media, Eyewear, Fragrance, Denim, Textiles, Act as an Agent, Cosmetics, Representation, Illustration, Fabrics, Consulting, Jewellery, Vintage, Shoes
Markets: Women's, Other, Men's

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