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Boost your business relationships with your TribaSpace® Digital Showroom, connecting you constantly to your clients. Present your products, share exclusive company information and interact with them in real time no matter where they are.

Manage Your Private B2B Area

Create your TribaSpace® Digital Showroom for secure online business with your clients. You exclusively control who can access your entirely protected B2B area. Only the contacts you invite or those who request access and are accepted by you are allowed to enter.


TribaSpace provides you with a flexible content management system (CMS) tailor-made for the fashion industry. It reduces your workload when adding images to your products, fabrics, news and events.

Fabric Library

Manage fabrics efficiently by uploading fabric colour images and additional information to your central fabric library. Define the fabric once and then assign it to each applicable product over and over again.

Image Pool

Put your brands face forward by having one central image pool containing all images to be used for your content. Once an image is uploaded it can be assigned multiple times to any of your products, news and events.

Your security is our priority.
Any content you post to TribaSpace® remains yours. You retain rights to anything you release. You created it, you hold the rights.


Create Beautiful Product Presentations

Keep your clients up to date throughout the seasons no matter where they are. Create beautiful product presentations showing your latest collections. Present each of your products individually with images, prices, sizes, colours, fabrics and a detailed description.

Unlimited Presentations

Host as many product presentations as you like, whether that’s one for each of your collections, product groups or seasons.

Show 100 % of Your Collection

Present your entire collection to your clients online making sure that no piece goes unnoticed. Never again be limited by how much you can physically take with you to trade fairs or client appointments.

Save Money

Cut back on printing and posting lookbooks, trim your travel schedule, save server costs by providing all product information and images online.

Flexible Presentation Dates

Show your collections and capsule lines independently from showroom dates. Even if your buyers cannot visit your physical Showroom, you can still present your products to buyers around the world.


Distribute Press Material

Easily provide media with the press material they need to present your brand. Say goodbye to oversized email attachments and cluttered FTP servers, and invite editors to download high-resolution images and press releases from your Digital Showroom instead.

Press Sample Ordering

Invite stylists and editors to order samples online for their next media production. Make your collection accessible and watch your press coverage increase.


Send Invitations

Invite your clients the secure way. Each TribaSpace® HTML invitation template contains a one-time link ensuring only the invited person gets to enter your showroom. Personalize invitations by adding an image and a message.

Manage Showroom Visitors

Find out which contacts visit your Showroom by checking who accepted your invitation and who did not. Manage requests to access your Showroom and block users that no longer shall be allowed to enter.


Analyze Client Feedback

Get a comprehensive overview about what happened in your Digital Showroom and how often your content was viewed. Find out who entered your Digital Showroom and what they clicked on by using built-in statistics. Check who downloaded press material so you know which media to follow up with. Learn what your most popular items are and use that knowledge when developing new products.

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