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Increase global visibility by posting your updates on the Public Stream. Tell your brand’s story to fashion professionals around the world and capture their interest. Get connected to new clients to meet global business opportunities.

Increase Global Visibility On the Public Stream

Your TribaSpace® Digital Showroom is integrated into the TribaSpace® system. It allows you increase global visibility by publishing your content on the public parts of tribaspace.com.

The Public Stream is the center for all public communication on TribaSpace®. It is an ongoing feed of business updates presented as news and events posted from individual Digital Showrooms on TribaSpace®. It allows you to reach a global audience of fashion professionals. A brand in New York can tell buyers in Stockholm about their collection, while editors in Paris can find upcoming showroom dates in London.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

People don’t buy products – they buy stories. Share your brand’s unique story on the Public Stream – explain what makes your brand stand out. Make your voice heard and publish your latest company news and happenings whenever you like.

For each news posted on TribaSpace® an individual page with a unique URL is created. Google searchable and social media sharable, it’s meant to spread your story far and wide.

Your Activity History

Fashion professionals wanting to know more about your brand can check out your Digital Showroom’s individual stream. It shows the history of all your public posts, giving a comprehensive overview of your activities.


Build Your Professional Network

Find new clients as users interested in your stories request access to your Showroom. After receiving their business details you decide to accept or deny their request. Once accepted they become part of your professional network and can visit your Showroom anytime.


Promote Your Events

Announce your business events on the Public Stream and generate interest from your potential clients. Showroom dates, fashion shows, press and buyer cocktails, trade fair participation – none of your events should be missed.

Manage Guest lists

Use your event posts to manage your guest lists hassle free. Include the door policy: whether it’s an open event, guest list only or requiring accreditation. Send an invitation to your clients and get them to sign up to your alphabetically sorted guest list online.


News For Your Clients Only

Get your clients to know you better by publishing company news only intended for your Digital Showroom visitors. Whether it’s a special wholesale offer, a new sales representative or additional product lines, your private communication channel keeps your network in the know.

Your security is our priority.
Any content you post to TribaSpace® remains yours. You retain rights to anything you release. You created it, you hold the rights.