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Sell your products more successfully with your TribaSpace® Digital Showroom supporting your day-to-day business. Speed up the ordering process for you and your buyers. Simplify decision-making, provide online ordering 24/7 and make your buyers smile.


Sharing the same system makes ordering simple for you and your buyers. It makes it much faster to work together and streamlines the way orders are placed and processed.

Visualize your Products and its Fabrics

Simplify your buyers’ selection process by supplying not only product images, but also a full variety of fabric images with their colour variations. Each fabric colour can be viewed as a detailed image that you previously uploaded to your fabric library and assigned to the product.

Make Ordering Faster

Speed up the ordering for your buyers. By clicking on the individual fabric your buyers will be directed to the detailed order screen. As you already entered all information when creating your product presentation, your buyers will not only view a detailed fabric colour image, but also all the information related to the chosen product. All your buyers have to do is fill in the quantities and click ‘Add to Order’.

Keep within Budget

Your buyers don’t have to worry about blowing their budget anymore. Each order is calculated the moment a buyer enters it. They can always see how much they have spent and adjust their orders as needed.

No Commissions Taken

On TribaSpace® ordering remains a private interaction between you and your buyer. There are no financial transactions throughout the system and we don’t take any commissions.


Ordering your products is a considerable investment for your buyer. Increase your chances by simplifying their decision-making process. Provide them with all relevant information as early as possible in the season.

Help Your Buyers Prepare

Help buyers prepare better before visiting your physical showroom or trade fair stand. Invite them into your Digital Showroom so they can comfortably discuss budgets with their colleagues and make a pre-selection.

Ordering 24/7

Your buyers can place their orders 24/7 from anywhere. Having only little time during their showroom visit they can access all product information in your Digital Showroom and send the order in the evening from their hotel room.

One Account Only

Having one TribaSpace® account enables your buyers to place orders from as many Online Showrooms on tribaspace.com as they like. One website, one profile, one password – it’s a buyer’s dream come true.

Make Yourself Happy Too

Instantly enter your buyer’s order online during their showroom visit using your Laptop or iPad. Write it, print it and have it signed on the spot. That easy? That easy!


Send and Receive Orders

Sending and receiving orders within the TribaSpace® system is as easy as sending an email. The difference: TribaSpace® is 100% secure. All of your orders are safely stored online, making it impossible to lose any. You’re notified by email about every new order.

Check Each Order’s Status Online

Your buyers can find out their order’s status with just a few clicks. Has the order been confirmed or is it still pending? They can login anytime to check the order.