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Conquer new markets by exhibiting on Marketplaces relevant to your market segment. Independently operated by trusted industry partners, Marketplaces can only be accessed with your Digital Showroom. Entering global markets is not easy? Now it is!


With your Digital Showroom you can exhibit on one or multiple Marketplaces in order to simply connect with new clients in target markets and increase turnover.

Hosting multiple different B2B Marketplaces

The TribaSpace® platform hosts multiple B2B marketplaces operated by trusted industry partners for their respective market segment, product group or region. Reach your target group more efficiently by exhibiting on one or multiple B2B Marketplaces relevant for your market.


In order to exhibit on a Marketplace you have to apply for an exhibitor membership. Being 100% independent in their actions only the marketplace operators decide who can access their powerful business networks - and therefore will accept or reject your request.

Access powerful business networks

Exhibiting on a Marketplace affiliates your business with the powerful position the Marketplace operator holds in his industry segment. This affords your Showroom greater visibility to relevant industry figures in the network, placing you in a prime position to represent your products alongside leaders in the field. It’s possible to be a member of multiple Marketplaces solely using one Showroom.


Each Marketplace is customized in look and feel according to design of the marketplace operator. Once you’ve become an exhibitor the aesthetics of your entire communication adapt to the design of the Marketplace environment.

Your Showroom Viewed Through The Marketplace Interface

Increase credibility among your target group when your communication is adapted to the specific aesthetics of the Marketplace. While the content of your showroom, news, events and products remains the same, it adopts the specific Marketplace design when viewed in a Marketplace context.


Communicate Market - Specifically

Increase visibility in selected markets by publishing your content to the Public Stream of the relevant Marketplaces. When creating news or events you can select the specific Marketplaces in which you would like your content to appear. After publishing, each news and event indicates which Marketplaces they were posted in.

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