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4550 Rue Rivard
H2J 2N3 Montreal
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the Haute fusion of timeless style and African glamour

Pyromaniac by mp is a contemporary line of ladies couture (a mixture of vintage trends infused by a dashing multicultural flame) geared towards the elegantly stylish multicultural woman. Pyromaniac by mp strives to be more than just a name brand; we long to take fashion back to the old school where tailoring and craftsmanship reigned supreme and the quality of a piece could speak for itself. Pyromaniac by mp collections are about great pieces, each priceless and timeless in their own way. We aim for every woman wearing a Pyromaniac by mp piece to feel inspired, inspiring, and most importantly irresistible and unique. The collections in their core show the designer's infatuation for eye-catching fabrics as she mixes out various types of natural material to colourful African print textiles, which make each piece one of a kind. Celebrate with us the Haute fusion of timeless style and African glamour. Feel the Pyromaniac... Be Wear!

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