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rebekka ruétz
Kaufmannstrasse 38A
6020 Innsbruck
+43 676 84 16 253 00
+43 512 21 99 21 95 80
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rebekka ruétz-fashion design combines the visible and the invisible in an entirely new perspective to the world of fashion design. Detail-rich, individual creations are the product of a fascination with the powers of the universe and mankind, as well as the symbolic quality of form and colour. Through this unique concept, rebekka ruétz combines outstanding design with Eastern philosophy and serves the needs of a mindful and open generation. It is an expression of the personal endeavours for self-fulfilment.

The designer was born in 1984 in Austria and has devoted her life to fashion and design. In 2008 she graduated at the AMD fashion academy Munich. During her studies rebekka ruétz lived and worked in New Delhi, India, where she found inspiration for her future work. Also in 2008 the designer won the Cognos Relevance Award.
In 2009 rebekka ruétz founded her very own fashion label and now meets the world of fashion design with an incomparable point of view.

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