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The Fabs Factory B.V.
Broekslagen 8
8331 TJ Steenwijk
+31 (0)521 51 44 55
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Born in 1999
‘So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999’, sang Prince.
It’s about fun, just like FABS. But there is more to FABS than just fun.
Always offering the latest trends, from our in-house designers
The love is in the detail, beautifully symbolized by our <3
Fabs has been at the forefront of affordable, inspiring fashion since 1999

Look & feel
Fabs footwear is super-feminine:
elegant, stylish, a touch of sparkle and super comfortable.
Every style is unique, always kitted out with our tell-tale <3
What’s not to love about Fabs?

Young at heart
Genuine Fabs lovers feel young at heart. Don’t you?
You know what you want in life, so live your dreams!
Put your heart into what you wear, especially on your feet!

Fabulous outfit
Whether you see footwear as a compliment to your outfit or the focal point of your look,
there is no doubting the impact a great pair of Fabs can have on your wardrobe.
Classic elegance, rock-chic cool, glitzy embellishments, a sleek modern twist or western, we offer endless possibilities.
Make the simplest of outfits a bold fashion statement with our unique Fabs essentials.
To inspire you, we’ve created a ‘lookbook’, full of styles you didn’t even know you needed yet.
Feel good, wear Fabs!

Social Fabs
A true Fabs lover likes to stay up-to-date.
Get inspired, follow our blog and social media.
Our bloggers and trendwatchers keep you updated with the latest news,
does/don’ts and trends.
Share your style with other Fabs lovers.
Let your heart speak, love Fabs.
Let’s stay connected!

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