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It was better in the good old days - at least the knitwear

Gazing through an old photo album from the fifties or the sixties, one is struck by the tastefulness. Somehow the overall taste and style was better in the old days and it seems like there was always an excuse to dress up a little.

Knitted garments from these decades are not rarely found deep in the wardrobe of an older relative. Each time one of these garments are found one is equally astounded over how well-made clothing from this time period is, with its high quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship. Aunt Gerda’s cardigan simply lasted longer than just for the season.

Our business idea was born after browsing through a pile of old photographs. Why not create a new Swedish brand of high quality garments, appreciating the tradition of old patterns and lines from the fifties and the sixties, and doing so in a new, fresh interpretation with modern fit and technique? Well, that’s what we have done.

/ Elisabeth & Tullis,
owners and founders

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