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geppebba® Ebba Lindström & Patrick Clemens Gbr Wilhelm-Hoegner-Str. 5 c/o Lindström 81737 München telefone +49 179 4522848
81737 München
+49 179 4522848
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real design polarises

today geppebba mod.8 is the most advanced pair of trousers in this world – it´s totally unusual to develop a fashion product like we did – we are not the collection after the collection makers but we created an answere to the sterotype trends of streetweare !
What is a classic garment and what is a garment fitting to demand on sales ? Is there anybody who can just see a product to get an idea of the creators and state of mind behind a product ? If you are a fan of rare design works in best quality made in Italy, you are right here.

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