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Life is not merely existence

Pas de Mer expresses a moment, a time of the existence that can be seen without horizons, without escape route, without ideas but where the whole can transform.
Evident expression of a vision of society almost deprived of its soul.
From these premises, the collection "A life without colours" is born. It is composed of eight interpretations and each one tells stories about isolated and silent places, transformed, through a time journey, in a parallel dimension. A dimension made of geometrics and esoteric characters, where space and time have no meaning and where science, nature and magic are the cornerstones of life's essence.
Pas de Mer is at the same time casual and sophisticated and is targeted for a young public, rich of interests - no matter which ones. Their will of speak up is the only thing that matters.
Pas de Mer is a noise in the silence.
Life is not merely existence.

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