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Event Exhibition

Bend-it exhibits during the International Design Expo 2015 in Eindhoven

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015 – Sunday, Oct 25, 2015
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Beursgebouw Eindhoven
Lardinoisstraat 8
5611 ZZ Eindhoven


Anke & Inge Kuipers


Disruptive shoe design by Bend-it

The Dutch sisters Inge and Anke Kuipers created the exceptional shoe brand Bend-it and will show there first man collection during International Design Expo 2015 in Eindhoven.

Bend-it shoes are a true experience. It lets every woman and man feel how comfort and ease of use are perfectly combined with excellent materials and a funky design. It makes every walk a true joy for both the feet and eyes.

This shoe is especially innovative due to the unique sole that makes it possible to bend the heel backwards; so stepping into the shoe becomes super easy. Shoehorns and crushed heels are history for good! The design let’s you wear the shoe in two different ways to complete every outfit and make you feel outstanding in every situation.

Bend-it is a true reflection of Inge and Anke Kuipers. Both schooled in design and arts they experience the world as one big playground, ready to be explored. Everyday objects and situations continue to inspire them and make them question the ‘raison d’être’. When an idea keeps banging on their door they work it out and make it happen. And that’s how Bend-it came to life. The shoe everyone deserves to wear on their own adventures.

Product Groups: Casual Wear, Shoes, Leatherwear, Streetwear, Footwear
Markets: Men's, Women's

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