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About "GEP Chaussures"

GEP CHAUSSURES is born in 1907 in France where in the past, all the manufacturers of shoes were established. GEP is specialized in the confort ladies shoes with 2 strong brands in France and Europe : INEA and PEDIGIRL - Today, we decided to introduce PEDIGIRL for the German market with a large collection of modern and confortable ladies shoes all in G width,…

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GEP Chaussures Trade Show Stand

Meet GEP Chaussures at Micam Milan!

Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 – Thursday, Feb 20, 2020 All day / RhoItaly

GEP Chaussures Trade Show Stand

GEP CHAUSSURES at ExpoRivaSchuh Riva del Garda

Saturday, Jun 16, 2018 – Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018 from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM / Riva del GardaItaly